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Our Vision

Companies and brands have never been so visible and exposed. In order to exist in front of their audience, they produce and share massive amounts of content, on a variety of communication channels, with the risk that the image promoted by the brand is no longer in line with the image perceived by the audience, and that the slightest step out of line has a lasting impact on their reputation. The words and images they share must reflect their vision, their commitments and their values.

“Clar is an inspired and inspiring sparring partner that pushes us to think creatively and boldly, all while remaining pragmatic!”


“Studiocanal was delighted by the work clar did about spiral. The sales team has been revitalised thanks to the repositioning and modernization they brought to the 8 seasons of the series.”


“Vision, finesse, and culture are CLAR's founders and team’s trademark. Their accurate analysis and their deep editorial sensibility allow them to create concrete and exciting brand and content strategies.”

VICE TV France

“In several hyper-structured and efficient workshops, CLAR was able to do more for our brand than we could have done after months with a dedicated team. They built our brand architecture from scratch and developed a pragmatic, detailed, and truly actionable strategy that we have rolled out this year with much success.”


“CLAR proposes strong, daring directions, without ever losing sight of strategic objectives. Each project takes the brand into a new dimension.”


“CLAR brings us truly modern insights, carried by an inspiring red thread and illustrated with strong, sharp content.”

France Télévisions

We are a new generation communication agency

Our promise

Companies are no longer passive actors of change, they must anticipate it and even inspire it, both in form and in content. To meet the new demands of the public and the times, brands and companies must necessarily assume a cultural and societal role. They must think, speak and create like real media, with a modern, singular and inspiring point of view, capable of generating desirability and commitment.


CLAR’s media DNA is a unique asset to understand global and social challenges, integrate them into the strategies developed for each client, and translate them into content with real impact.

Our expertises

  • Brand identity and storytelling
  • Brand platform and expression system
  • Trend books and content creation
  • Strategic communication plan 
  • Risk prevention and crisis communication
  • Media training for spokespersons

A multidisciplinary agency for a total control of your image

Our team

CLAR combines strategists, communicators, analysts and designers from major media, communication and creative agencies in a single agency. Complementary expertise allows CLAR to offer its clients a wide range of perspectives on sectors and issues.

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